Ana is a life saver! I am so grateful to have come across her. As guys age it is natural for the hair on top to start to thin a little, even if not balding. For years I had been using Toppik to make my hair look a little more fuller. I had no idea that SMP could be used for this purpose. I thought it was just for balding men. I was always a little self conscious with Toppik that it would just flake out or worse that my partner would run their hands through my hair and have black fingers - not great! Then I met Ana and she opened up a whole new world for me. I must admit I was a little skeptical at first, but it was without a doubt one of the best things that I have done.


Ana is so genuine and open and goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable talking about issues that men can be self conscious about. We talked about what I could expect from the procedure and she gave me to confidence to proceed. Ana is a perfectionist, which is EXACTLY what you want when you are doing this sort of work. She is so picky and wants everything to be perfect, even when you think it's fine, she will want to go in again and do some more work.


She is really wanting you to look your best! She's amazing. We had some great chats and laughs as well and I felt completely at home. She's got a wicked sense of humour! Side note, I loved the tunes that she played! She is so obsessed with you looking great that she decided after 2 treatments that we could go darker with the ink and did the extra sessions for free. I was so impressed. Since the procedure I haven't used Toppik at all. I look and feel great and when I come out of the shower now I don't feel like my hair is thinning on top and it's increased my confidence tenfold. I'm recommending her to all my friends!! Ana, you rock!



The best decision I made is by getting this procedure done from Anna. She’s a great artist and does her job at the best.If any one wants to get this procedure done I will highly recommend getting it done by Aj you won’t be disappointed.I feel like a new man goodbye to my hats.



I had my SMP done by Ana James here and the confidence i gained is remarkable! 

Ana was super professional, honest and comforting.

I couldn't recommend her enough!

The results are superb and look natural!

Big thank you to Ana!



Anna is absolutely brilliant and the pride she takes in her work is truly inspiring.
She is very friendly and professional.

I just want to say a huge thanks to Ana from Inkd by A.J for the flawless job.

I would highly recommend.

- DEE P. 

Great service and very professional. Anna explained the process in detail which was very reassuring. She Was able to make the treatment look very natural. Would definitely recommended to my friends. Thanks Anna!!!



Absolutely loving it! 💯 % self confidence back! Can’t stop myself looking at the mirror 😂 thanks ana, you’ve done a great job!



AJ is the best! She is very professional and is very passionate with her work. This place by far has to be the best SMP treatment clinic anyone can ever get in Melbourne. She is a perfectionist who "Loves" to carry out her task to the best of her ability. I highly recommend her to anyone who's wanting to regain confidence with their looks. Wishing you all the best Ana. You keep up your excellent work!




I believe that AJ is the best SMP treatment professional in Melbourne. She will give you loads of strength to go through the process and always deliver the best results. I was very nervous at the beginning, but as the process passed each step, it took me to a new face. Thank you, Ana, and I wish you all the best with your journey ahead.



I had several patches where it looked thinned out which was alot more noticeable in direct light or in pictures. I booked in a consult with her and she was able to explain the process and in 2 quick sessions my hair was alot more fuller looking with zero patches. I feel so much more confident now and it's all thanks to Ana. Would highly recommend her to anyone who was experiencing hair loss or thinning.



ANA is literally one of the most skilled SMP practitioners so i consider myself extremely fortunate to be her client. After slowly losing my hair and shaving my head for many years, finding SMP was a excellent option for me. My appearance now is once again framed with a younger look.
Honestly you couldn't even tell its been done by SMP as it looks very real.
Ana is extremely honest and very professional who really truly cares about her clients. She takes the time to get things 110% from the start session to the final session.
I can't even express my happiness & excitement in words. Ana you are amazing and very highly skilled artist. I highly recommend to anyone suffering from hair loss. Thank you so much Ana for the amazing work.